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An exclusive and unique service providing Lordship and Barony Titles for sale, supported by UK registered legal professionals

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An exclusive and unique service providing Lordship and Barony Titles for sale, supported by UK registered legal professionals


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Lordship Title of Legra or Layer, Essex


William the Conqueror replaces the Saxon Lord with Hugh de Montfort. Hugh had fought with William at the Battle of Mortemer in 1054, participated in the Council of Lillebonne in which the decision was made to invade England, and accompanied William in the invasion force. He was stationed at Winchester, and had to supply forces to Dover Castle. Legra passed to Richard Birch at the end of the 13th Century, and remained in the Birch family for 200 years. In 1502 the Lord is elected as a Member of Parliament and serves as Justice of the Peace in Essex.

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Title of Special Interest

Lordship Title of Highfield, Lancaster, Lancashire


Highfield is first recorded in 1212 Roger, son of John, is holding the lordship. After the First Barons War 1215-1217, Highfield is held by Walter, son of Walter the Smith and William, son of William the Smith. Highfield continues to pass through the families by inheritance and marriage for many, many years. By the mid 15th century Highfield is held by the Southworths, prior to 1552 Highfield has come to George Southworth, he sells various pieces of land from the manor. Highfield is not recorded after 1728.

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