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An exclusive and unique service providing Lordship and Barony Titles for sale, supported by UK registered legal professionals

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An exclusive and unique service providing Lordship and Barony Titles for sale, supported by UK registered legal professionals

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Lordship Title of Titchmarsh, Northamptonshire


Recorded in 937 as a forged charter from King Edgar to the Abbey of Peterborough. Holding Titchmarsh in the late 1300's is John 5th Baron of Lovel MP. He is one of the selected to swear fealty to Richard II at his coronation, and is appointed Master of the King’s Hounds, he later becomes Keeper of the Castle of Devizes, and Knight of the Garter. By 1486 Sir Francis now Lord organises two revolts to seize Henry VII, both fail and he flees to Margaret of York in Flanders. A title with 900 years of history.

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Title of Special Interest

Lordship Title of Younges, Bedfordshire


In 1682 Henrietta Maria, Baroness Wentworth is Lord of Younges she is the grand-daughter of the 1st Earl of Cleveland. The Baroness is the mistress of the Duke of Monmouth the illegitimate son of King Charles II. Monmouth was implicated in ‘The Rye House Plot’ to kill both his father and uncle, James, Duke of York.  Three years later Younges passed to Baroness Lovelace, the only surviving sister of the Earl of Cleveland.  A title with 121 years of fascinating history, including some well known names, progeny and plots.

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The Lordship of Younges – A ladyship in all but name

January 10, 2019

Do you like discovering new facts? We thought so… because we do too. So how’s this for your fact for today… Did you know that in 1682 the person who was Baroness Wentworth was also the Lord of Younges? Yup… that’s right. The grand-daughter of the 1st Earl of Cleveland, Henrietta Maria, held both titles.…