History, Truth or Fiction?


In school we are taught to believe the version of history we are given. There is never a hint that there might be a chance it is incorrect.  Is this right? Manorial Counsel Limited have to admit to being surprised when we started researching manorial history to find the quantity of variances.  After thinking for a…

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Five Lordship Title Facts

Lordship Facts

A manorial title is a “Custom Right” in law.  The Lordship or Seigniory were the rights that were assigned with manorial land.  The Seigniory did not state, “you have the right to use the title of Lord of the Manor of ……………………”  It refers to the rights as being Lordship rights so there is an…

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Middlesex; Greater London?


Manorial Counsel have been busy locating as many Middlesex titles that we can find in historic records.  As it turns out Greater London was historically part of Middlesex.  Whilst undertaking a similar exercise for another historic county every now and then a well know place will be found.  This was not the case with Middlesex. …

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