What were the Remonstrance’s?

King Edward I

The Remonstrance’s were a set of complaints presented by some of the nobles of England to King Edward I in 1297.  They were authored by two key Earls, Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk and Marshall of England and Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford who was Constable of England. King Edward I was a fighting…

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What was Pontage?


Pontage is derived from English custom law in the same way that lordship titles are.  It is the toll that is levied for the building or repair of a bridge or bridges. The reason the lord was held in such high esteem was because they took on the responsibility of looking after their tenants.  Whilst…

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What is history, our view?

What is History

History is the overall picture of what has happened in the past based on what people have recorded at different points in the past. We spend enormous amounts of time reading different reference documents and books that exist in order to determine that a particular lordship has become dormant and does not have a known…

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Manorial Land and Manorial Rights

Manorial Land

Manorial Land only differs from other classifications of land by its legal classification. Other land prior to registration could have been copyhold or freehold land. Within the category of manorial land would have been the demesne (land farmed by the lord), tenanted land, freehold land and manorial waste.  The manorial demesne and waste land would be…

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Lady Braunston; Guest Blog

Lady Braunston

Yes M’Lady Here I am sat on the top deck of my cruise ship, not my personal one you understand, (it belongs to one of the big cruise companies) and contemplating how good life is as Lady Braunston. Sunshine, lovely food and the odd tipple!  When I tell people that I have a title they…

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Title Perceptions; Lord and Lady of Champneys?


There are many reasons for selecting a certain title.  However, Manorial Counsel thought it might be worth introducing a new concept. Most people will consider how easy a prospective title is spoken and written so that it is easily remembered by others.  Manorial Counsel would like to suggest an option from the other perspective.  We…

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Manor Houses and Manorial Land

Contrary to popular belief manorial rights are not automatically part of a manor house. A manor house may be the centre of an old manor.  However it is the manorial land that denotes its physical location.  During the life of a Manor, which for the majority would be over 1000 years, there would have been…

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