The Unknown Soldier Anniversary

Unknown Soldier

For the most part we all get on with our lives and it is not until a milestone anniversary arrives that we think about something from our past. We have been remembering the centenary of England joining the First World War, and to mark this anniversary a web site has been set up highlighting the…

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No Deeds… So who owns the Lordship Title?

Manorial Lordships

Manorial Counsel are regularly asked this question.  From our research we know that almost every lordship has lost at least part or all of its deeds. So this leaves us with the problem of who actually who owns them. To put it into simple terms, if you find some money in the street who owns it?  We…

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Accuracy of History

Whilst researching lordships Manorial Counsel have to use many sources of information as each source will have gaps where the particular historian has been unable to find the information they require.  When using these different sources we come across different family trees and different chains of ownership for what we believe is the same lordship. …

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