Title Perceptions

There are many reasons for selecting a certain title.  However, Manorial Counsel thought it might be worth introducing a new concept. Most people will consider how easy a prospective title is spoken and written so that it is easily remembered by others.  We would like to suggest an option from the other perspective.  Whilst Manorial Counsel…

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Magna Carta then and now

Magna Carta

Whilst relating to history, and more specifically historical events, there are always particular ones that spring mind.  This can be influenced by current and topical events or historical anniversaries. A prime example of this is the approaching 800th year anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. Which will be celebrated on the 15th June 2015. …

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What was the Domesday Book for?

Quick Trivia

Its purpose may never be known. However over the years our reasoning has changed its purpose several times.  This confusion is not a new thing as it is believed that as early as the mid 12th century, only 70 years after it was commissioned, confusion had already started.  Records then imply that the Domesday Books…

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Buying a Lordship Title

Lordship title

Buying a Lordship Title: There are three key ways to get a legal right to own and use a Lordship Title.  These in brief are; to purchase the legal ownership of a lordship title this would come with a complete, correctly executed and consecutive set of deeds from time of grant or time immemorial 1189…

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