Under aged Lords…Did you know


Did you know… Under aged Lords were supposed to inherit their lands when they reached the age of majority which was 18.  In practice the age of majority was fluid. If an heir was under age (under 21 for a male heir, under 14 for an heiress) they would become subject to feudal wardship, where…

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Magna Carta … Did you know

Did you know… Magna Carta was written in the caves under Reigate Manor, Surrey.  The 1st Baron Of Wycombe was witness to Magna Carta, one of the sureties to the event. Read all about The Barony of Wycombe: Kings, castles, constitutional history and its legacy  here  Find out more about the Barony Title of Wycombe and how…

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The Abolition of Tenures Act 1660… Did you know

Exclusive Lordship Titles

Did you know… The Abolition of Tenures Act 1660 did not get rid of Feudal Titles. The clue being in the name, it merely removed tenures (paying tax / rent in service and not money) Tenure had many changes in the 14th Century but it took the law makers this long to pass the legislation!

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The vast majority of Lordships… Did you know

Norman Conquest

Did you know… The vast majority of Lordships pre-date the Norman Conquest of 1066, many recorded as far back as the 9th Century. We do have a selection of Exclusive Lordship Titles with an extended history available, many pre-dating the Norman Conquest. Take a look

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The Romans… Did you know


Did you know… The Romans were the first to recognise rights in law – now overturned by modern law that states possession of rights is almost impossible, you MUST have proof of ownership.

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