Lordship Titles – Acquisition and understanding ownership


What is a Lordship Title? An English lordship is much older than you would believe.  They originate from the Roman Empire when the Romans controlled what is now England.  The efficient Romans implemented a method of land management so that they did not have to collect taxes from all land owners but made a single…

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Thomas Becket and Henry II – A Turbulent Twosome

Thomas Becket

Thomas Becket’s assassination by four zealous knights in 1170 would be a headline-hitter even today, that’s for sure. And it’s certainly one of the most famous murders in medieval history. But just how did the son of a London merchant come to be not only the Archbishop of Canterbury but one of the king’s greatest…

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Buying a Lordship Title

Lordship title

Buying a Title: People buy a lordship title for many reasons, the most common reason we have come across is people wish to own a piece of living history that has some meaning to them i.e. a family connection or a special place.  Whatever the reason buying a title is an investment both financially and…

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