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A visit to Montacute Village, by the Lord of Hide

I recently went to visit Montacute Village in Somerset for a few days and enjoyed the few days I was there.

After, I visited the National Trust property of Montacute House, I was a little perplexed of where Hide Manor had once been.  It took me a long while before anyone knew of the Manor and the Title.

However, after a long search, I was very fortunate the following day, that at last, I thought I would ask one more time to a local gentleman walking his dog if he knew or heard of the Manor of Hide and where it might be. By a strange coincidence, he knew where it was once was. In fact, he lived at Hyde road behind Montacute House and was on his way back home to take his dog to the area in the park for a walk which belongs now to the National Trust.

I was shown where Hide Manor was once was within the grounds and pointed out where the foundations once laid. The man knew the whole history of the area and was very keen to have all the information to hand. He himself is keen on local history and architecture. Montacute village

The whole episode was quite amazing as you could imagine. I very nearly gave up if it was not for that kind gentleman who came on the scene at that last moment!

I had a most wonderful experience in conversation with him, as he wondered what had later happened to the Title before it was converted to a farm. The farm is no longer there, just a large dip within the park. However, I took away with me a small piece of granite from the earth to remind me of my visit there. A memorable visit.

I thought you may like to hear of my story.

Thank you,

Lord of the Manor of Hide.

Find out more about Montacute House, Somerset here > https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/montacute-house