Famous Titles… All is not what it seems!

Looking around England we all recognise famous places such as Birmingham, Manchester, and Sheffield.  Many of these names have their source from the Manor that first contained the town.  What we have found fascinating is that these names were not solely used for one Manor.  These are some of the famous names and famous titles that Manorial Counsel have found as names of Manors not where you expect them to be:

Lordship of Basildon, Berkshire (London)

Lordship of Sheffield, Berkshire (Yorkshire)

Lordship of Stafford, Devon (Staffordshire)

Lordship of Everton, Bedfordshire (Lancashire)

Lordship of Maryland, Northamptonshire (USA)

Lordship of New Forest, Yorkshire (Hampshire)

Lordship of Norwood, Bedfordshire (London)

Lordship of Preston, Buckinghamshire (Lancashire)

Lordship of Stockton, Warwickshire (Stockton on Tees)

Lordship of Henley, Warwickshire (Surrey)

Lordship of Farnborough, Warwickshire (Hampshire)

The price for a lordship for one of these well  known places would be far greater than that of a Lordship title for the well-known place itself.  So if you want a ‘famous’ title you do not have to break the bank!

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