Bond Street; the home of British elegance

Bond Street

Bond Street. A street name that oozes luxury. A prestigious piece of London that stretches between Oxford Street and Piccadilly, which hosts extremely expensive residences and, of course, gorgeously chic shops. Fashion houses, auctioneers, jewellers, and art dealers all enjoy an immense sense of satisfaction when they have an address on Bond Street. But how…

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Flying First Class

First Class Spacious Cabin

It’s glitzy. It’s glam. And it’s way up there in the prestige stakes. With hopping on a plane now something everyone can do, notwithstanding the current pandemic, just how have the airlines kept something back that’s a bit special? We thought we’d investigate. In the beginning The first commercial airline actually began in January 1914.…

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Cecil Beaton: A photographer with an eye for character

Box Brownie

Cecil Beaton stamped his sardonic personality across society’s magazine pages for decades. But it was how he spread his innovative style across a breadth of subject matter that proved he was more than ‘just’ an iconic fashion photographer. Born in Hampstead, in January, 1904, Beaton’s childhood was suffused with middle-classdom and he was encouraged to…

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Christian Dior

21st January is the anniversary of the birth of one of the most iconic names in fashion; Christian Dior. Even if you’re not a fashionista you will have heard his name connected to stylish clothing, perfume, and accessories. And not without good reason. For though in recent times the name has become fully entrenched as…

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Turning to history to dig deep for resilience

Winston Churchill

30th November is the anniversary of the birth of Winston Churchill, a man whose modus operandi is still greatly esteemed by world leaders today. In the current circumstances of a raging pandemic, influential people across the globe have quoted him in many a speech and interview; such is the way his time on this planet…

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