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The Lordship of Entwistle: From Edgeworth to Edgehill and beyond


As we’ve said in previous articles, although Lordships were often in place before William the Conqueror invaded, it was William who formalised their existence. Entwistle is very different in this respect, however. It was created in 1212, under King John’s reign, by one of his trusted knights, William… and it’s proved to have quite some…

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The Lordship of Shoddesden – A holding with pre-Norman provenance

Lordship Title of Shoddesden

Shoddesden is an interesting title. It’s one of those that actually has clear roots from before the Norman Invasion, which is unusual because it was William the Conqueror who formalised the process mostly. Shoddesden has deep history, therefore; it’s really old. The initial title holder was Aghmund (or Agemund) of Wellow. Aghmund was a Saxon…

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Lordship of Penland – A title that paid its way

Lordship Title of Penland

We’re not going to beat about the bush here… There are quite a few ‘Johns’ linked to the lineage of the Lordship of Penland, so we apologise in advance if things get a bit confusing. But we do feel that’s a fitting introduction to a title whose history began around the time of the signing…

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Lordship of Barrow Lane, Charlton Musgrove, Somerset

Lordship Title of Barrow Lane

We’re planning a series now, the aim of which being to give fabulous texture to some of the titles that we have available. The depth of English history that sits behind them makes each one more than just the sum of its legal constituents; each has played a role in making England what it is…

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A bridge too far… Stamford, 1066

Battle of Stamford Bridge

Edward the Confessor left quite a frenzy of conflict behind when he died in January 1066. There were many claimants to the throne, and none were averse to throwing down their gauntlet for it. Last month’s article on the Battle of Fulford illustrates this point well, with Hardrarda, King of Norway, and Tostig Godwinson –…

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The battle of where?… Fulford?

Battle of Fulford

The Battle of Fulford isn’t one that gets chatted about over breakfast regularly. It’s not well known, and is often considered just another minor clash against the Norse. But though it was sadly a battle lost to the Vikings, it was definitely more just an unfortunate badge to concede. For the outcome at Fulford actually…

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