Coats of Arms

When people have an interest in their family history and start to explore their past, or research their family tree in further detail we are often approached regarding the subject of Coats of Arms.

Many people believe that Coats of Arms and Lordship or Barony Titles go hand in hand. Coats of Arms pertain to a family and not a Lordship or Barony Title.  Therefore a previous owner of a Title may have had a Coat of Arms, but it would have pertained to their family, and family name, not the Title.

Coats of Arms are split into two categories:

  • Corporate bodies such as universities would have had arms made up that would have continued through time unchanged.
  • As for family Coats of Arms, these would change with every generation.  Whilst there would be a family theme, each subsequent holder would remove or add an element pertaining to themselves, this would reflect who they are or who they wanted to be.

For many the next step in the journey after acquiring a Lordship or Barony Title is to explore the idea of creating their own family Coat of Arms.

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Coat of Arms

Coats of Arms