On this day 24th August

1814– British troops invade Washington, D.C. and during the Burning of Washington the White House, the Capitol and many other buildings are set ablaze. This year marks 200 years of peace between Britain and America, long may our special relationship continue.

Manorial Counsel Limited have a selection of Washington tiles available to buy, our most prevalent one being the Lordship of Hertburn, The single most historically important title to affect the United States. It was owned by George Washingtons ancestors.  Hertburn was exchanged by Sir William de Hertburn with the Bishop of Durham for the manor of Washington. Sir William changed his name to reflect his new manor and the family name of Washington was created. If this swap had not taken place George Hertburn would have been the first President of the United States, Washington DC would be Hertburn DC. To own this lordship title would be to own a significant piece of United States history. You will become the custodian for all future generations, thus keeping the history of the lordship alive.

The Lordship of Hertburn can be purchased exclusively form Manorial Counsel Limited for more information email mailto:ltaylor@manorial.co.uk