The Land Registry… Did you know

Did you know… that titles were able to be recorded with the Land Registry up until 2003.  However even when they were recorded the Land Registry did not confirm ownership, merely the interest hold.

Registration of a title with the Land Registry; Before 13th October 2003, being the commencement of the Land Registration Act 2002, it was possible for Manors to registered voluntarily with HM Land Registry.
Registration of title with the Land Registry indicated who might be the registered proprietor of the title, however is absolutely not conclusive proof. As shown in the Burton and Banford case, entry on the register is not conclusive proof, and indeed paragraph 5(a) of the schedule 4 of the Land Registration Act 2002, enables the Registrar to alter the register for the purpose of correcting a mistake therefore allowing for the fact that the Register may be incorrect.
After 13th October 2003, registration of titles was no longer possible. Presently there is no independently recognised register.

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