These are just a small selection of frequently asked questions, should you have any additional questions about our service or titles please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

Our Titles

Q.  What Titles do you sell?

A.  English Lordship Titles and Barony Titles.

Manorial Counsel offer three types of title for sale;

• Lordship Titles; Lordship Titles where extensive research concludes there is very little recorded history.  An opportunity to acquire a title at an attractive price.

• Exclusive Lordship Titles; Lordship Titles where extensive research identifies a known documented history.

• Barony Titles; A very exclusive selection of these incredibly rare titles are available to buy from Manorial Counsel.  It is estimated that approximately only 300 feudal baronies ever existed.

Q. Why are Barony Titles more expensive?

A. There are believed to have only been around 300 Baronies, compared with several thousand Lordships. Therefore their rarity, prestige and exclusivity is reflected in the price.

Q. Do Lordship Titles and Barony Titles come with a Ladyship and Baroness?

A. Yes, all Lordship Titles and Barony Titles include the Ladyship and Baroness Title.  The rights were afforded to historic owners of the Lordship or Barony, as both titles (Lordship and Ladyship, or Baron and Baroness).

So for example you can purchase the title as a female,  you would own the title in its entirety but would simply use the Lady or Baroness part of the title.

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