A feature by artist Max Scotto MSc

Max Scotto

Portraiture has always been one of the foundations of British Art.  Ever since the days of Holbein and Van Dyck, the nobility, the gentry, the affluent and the fashion-conscious have chosen to be immortalised by a portraitist. Portraiture has thrived in Britain with artists like Gainsborough, Raeburn, Lawrence and Sargent. The tradition has survived until the present day and we are delighted to introduce talented portrait painter, Max Scotto, based in Scotland.

Mr Scotto is a fourth generation artist from an artistic family of Scots-Italian descent and has dedicated many years to the study of classical oil painting in the old grand European style. He is also interested in medieval history and feudalism with some of his sitters having included manorial lords and landed gentry. The artist recently launched is business and received acclaim for his portrait of The Much Hon. Raymond Morris, 30th Laird of Balgonie and Eddergoll, which is on display at Balgonie Castle in the county of Fife.

Mr Scotto’s approach is adaptable to suit the requirements of his clients. He told us: “My goal is to create a convincing and tasteful analogy between the painting and the sitter’s own soul, while considering where the painting will be displayed. For example, the portrait of a baron which will hang on the stone wall of a castle must be approached differently than the portrait of a child which will hang in the child’s own bedroom”.  

The painter’s classic style is a favourite for those who would like to celebrate their manorial inheritance with a traditional portrait painting. During 2014-2015, customers of Manorial Counsel who commission a portrait with Mr Scotto will receive a special discounts and flexible payment options depending on the scope and type of the commission. For more information and further enquiries, please visit the artist’s website > www.maxscotto.com