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Lady Braunston

Yes M’Lady

Here I am sat on the top deck of my cruise ship, not my personal one you understand, (it belongs to one of the big cruise companies) and contemplating how good life is as Lady Braunston. Sunshine, lovely food and the odd tipple! 

When I tell people that I have a title they stare at me and say really, how come?

So how and why did I Become Lady Braunston?

I live in Braunston, Northamptonshire and just happened to stumble upon this great website and was intrigued to find out if Lady Braunston was available and sure enough it was. My husband had a little chuckle and said “why do you want that?”

At first I thought it would be good to get upgrades on flights and holidays and maybe even be able to say “excuse me, do you know who I am?” I haven’t availed myself of any of those scenarios, but I have heard of people who do. But each to their own.

Having a title can be used for fundraising, maybe heading things up in your local community and makes a great conversational piece over dinner.

What was really great about getting the title was the history that came with it. Manorial Counsel sent me a detailed document of where the title came from and who had previously held it. The history that is revealed is fascinating.

Once you are possession of the title documents then you can change the name on your driving licence and passport and when people say “yeah right” you can show them that you are actually a Lord or Lady.  There are other titles besides these so why not pop over to their website and take a look.

So if you looking for a gift for the person who has everything then this could fit the bill.

Right must go, “Parker, get the Rolls fired up”.

Sandra Ashford, Lady Braunston

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