Lordship Chronology

Lordship Chronology

The numbering of the succession of peers has been accepted for hundreds of years, and not only positions the current holder in succession to his forebears but also assists historians in placing the peers in the correct order.

For several years Manorial Counsel have been researching and estimating what the likely number would be for the number of forebears who would have used a barony title.  Most baronies stay within a family so the accuracy of determining the next baron’s number in line has been acceptable.

We have been apprehensive of committing to a number in the succession of lordship title users, as the titles we aim to restore to legal use can often have sketchy history.

We have sampled the history of most of the lordship titles we have for sale and have decided that we can get the numbering of the users of the titles to an acceptable level of accuracy.

To make this viable we have had to devise a set of guidelines to work from.  What we wish to do is ensure a consistent approach to all title numbering.

These guidelines are as follows:

  1. Number 1 is allocated to the first known lord
  2. Where a lordship remains in a family but the actual holders are not known we will assume a lord will hold the title for approximately 40 years
  3. The numbering will only be for the lordship title we are creating the legal right to and conveying. Although some history tables document other lordships that affect the lordship concerned they will not be numbered
  4. The Crown will not be regarded as a user of the lordship title
  5. The last known user of the lordship title will determine the number that will be next in line

Manorial Counsel cannot guarantee that the number determined from our research is 100% accurate.

Customers are under no obligation to use the number, it is merely provided to assist with the understanding that they are part of a continuous line of lords past, present and yet to come.