Barony Titles

Barony titles are reserved for only a few of our clients.  It is estimated that only 300 feudal baronies ever existed in England, but it will only be possible for a few of these to made available through ourselves.

Once barony titles are sold it will be highly unlikely that they will ever be available again.


Barony Title of Cardinham

County: Cornwall

Parish: N/A

History from: 1066 - Norman Conquest

History to: 1501

Of interest…

The first baron Richard Fitz Turold not only held Cardinham Castle but also Restomel and Penhallam Castles. His son William is also given control of Launceston Castle by King Stephen. In 1140 he switches allegiance and hands over control of Launceston Castle to Reginald (one of Henry I's illegitimate children). At the end of the 12th century Robert Fitz William the 5th baron converts Restomel Castle from a wooden motte and bailey castle to a rare stone circular shell keep castle. In 1194 the same Robert is recorded as the largest land owner in Cornwall. After the signing of Maga Carta Robert maintains his allegiance with King John and is granted custody of Cornwall. In 1220 Robert serves as High Sheriff of Cornwall. The 8th baron, Sir Oliver de Dinham is made Constable of Exeter Castle. In 1267 Sir Oliver is made Constable of Taunton Castle and in 1272 Keeper of Lundy Island. Sir Oliver like his predecessors, is a soldier, fighting in Wales with King Edward "the Longshanks". He is part of King Edward's Military Council. At the end of the 13th century Sir Oliver serves as a Member of Parliament. Sir John's son and grandson both undertake military service for King Edward. His grandson Sir John also serves on King Edward's Military Council. The 11th Baron is murdered by thieves and his son Sir John kills one of this father's murderers, but is pardoned for the crime. The 14th baron, also Sir John, not only serves as a Member of Parliament but is a Commander of an armed force at sea. He is later made Lord Treasurer.
Price: £9,995 to become the 15th Baron and Baroness of Carindham

Barony Title of Aveley

County: Essex

Parish: N/A

History from: Post Norman Conquest

History to: 1221

Of interest…

The first baron, John Fitz Waleran dies and the barony passes to his daughter Maud. She is married to Hasculf de Tany, a Norman nobleman who becomes the second baron, by the right of his wife. Later Hasculf is appointed Governor of the Tower of London. Seven years later, Hasculf is tried before King Stephen, but it appears he escapes an imprisonment in the Tower. In return for the barony Hasculf owes the Crown 7 1/2 knights or the equivalent in fighting men at the time of war. The barony passes from father to son until 1221 when the last baron Gilbert dies with no male heir and the barony with its lands are split into three portions never to be re-united.
Price: £7,500 to become the 6th Baron and Baroness of Aveley