Barony Titles

A very exclusive selection of these incredibly rare titles are available to buy.  It is estimated that approximately only 300 feudal baronies ever existed, of which only 25 Barons stood as surety to Magna Carta (1215)

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Barony Titles

Barony Title of Ashby

County: Lincolnshire


History from: 1162

History to: 1572

Of interest…

Once used by the descendant of the Saxon King Aethelred the Unready. The previous Barons had been wardens and governors of Castle throughout Britain and even High Sheriff of Yorkshire. The 5th Baron was one of the Council of Fifteen responsible for ensuring King Henry III acceped the Provisions of Oxford (England's first written constitution). The 7th Baron comes to the aid of King Edward III who was short of money lending him wool from his Yorkshire estates. The 8th Baron was appointed an Admiral of the Fleet. The 9th Baron is made Keeper of the Forests north of the Trent.