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**Somerset Barony Title available**

**Buckinghamshire Barony Title available**


Looking for a special gift... want something different and completely unique? A title is the perfect gift, very personal and a great investment because it can be handed down to the next generation, contact us now and let's get the ball rolling for you.


*Remember you can secure your title with a £500 deposit ~ terms and conditions apply*


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**Newly available**

Lordship Titles in; Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Hutingdonshire, Kent, Norfolk, Rutland, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and Leicestershire. 

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"Pleasant, helpful and efficient service. I was able to find the title that interested me with little difficulty."

"Thank you so much again.  What a delight it was to meet and work with you."

"I would like to thank you for the title service that you provided, and the most professional and timely manor in which you executed this title transaction.  I am very pleased and will enjoy the practice and use of this title as appropriate."

"Wonderful!!! Many thanks for fast and excellent service. I'm as ever very satisfied with the professional service of Manorial Counsel."

“Laura Taylor helped and supported me throughout the entire decision making and purchase process. She went the extra mile in helping me sort some extra special gifts for my husband's 50th Birthday. Many thanks Laura.”

“This is a really professional company. Their research on the title is second to none. I purchased a title from them and the service was amazing, they took the time to explain everything in detail, even said they would help filling in the forms so I could change my driving licence to my title. These are real titles with real deeds.”

“Great service & great fun having my title. Thanks a lot!”

“There were so helpful with explaining and answering my questions. I can't wait to buy my next title from them.”

“A very professional service. As my passport now attests, my title has been obtained and recognized. More importantly, it has helped raise the profile of some of my charity events which is a great outcome. Thank You.”

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the most professional way that my purchase was handled.
All my questions were answered promptly and advise given whenever I needed it. At no time did I feel pressured into making a decision.
Many thanks again and best regards,”

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A Brief introduction to the Language of Heraldry 

Buying Manorial Titles in England: a simple guide to the pitfalls 

The law regarding English feudal Lordships of the Manor is extremely complex. Many people, including people with decades of experience in the field and legislators themselves, often misunderstand it. This short guide is for the educated layman to ensure they understand the key issues in current English law regarding their ownership rights. > Find out more

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