Our Titles

An exclusive and unique service providing Lordship and Barony Titles for sale, supported by UK registered legal professionals

Working with a team of UK registered legal professionals using a unique and exclusive process, the new legal rights are created based on the original historic Lordship rights.  Not only can these rights be enjoyed by you but are fully inheritable so will be enjoyed by generations to come.  

The Law

The landmark case of Burton and Banford v Walker and Others 2010 explained and confirmed that no legal remedies exist to prove ownership of historic manorial lordships if even one deed(s) have been lost.

The only way in law to prove ownership of the original Lordship title right is to have a complete, correctly executed and consecutive set of deeds from the time of Crown grant of the Lordship or Time Immemorial (September 1189) whichever is earliest.    This is the only way in law today to be able to claim ownership of the original Lordship title right. It is only in exceptional circumstances that a set of these deeds are discovered. If even one deed is missing or incorrectly executed that would render the chain broken and therefore ownership could not be proven. Statutory declarations and or sworn statements in place of missing or incorrectly executed deeds are not an acceptable replacement in law .

A history of a Lordship, a Statutory Declaration stating ownership, partial deeds or a family 'interest' DO NOT prove ownership, and can never be relied upon as an alternative.

The Legal Solution

Manorial Counsel sought a legal solution to overcome this problem, by working with a team of UK Registered legal professionals we were able to devise a legal way to create a New Legal Right of ownership of a Dormant Lordship title, allowing ownership and use of the Lordship title once again.

Peace of mind

  • Three UK registered solicitors confirm the rights to each title
  • The law used to create the new rights to the Lordship and Barony titles has been thoroughly reviewed by five solicitors and two Barristers
  • A solicitors statement confirming the transfer of the title rights
  • A Legal notice published in the Gazette (formally the London Gazette) an Official Public Record
  • An investment, place the title in trust for future generations

Manorial Counsel have sole exclusivity to this process.