We sell new legal rights for the use of lordship and barony titles.

  • The titles have existed for hundreds of years.

  • These new legal rights are based on the original granted by the Crown.

  • We guarantee you will never be challenged by someone with a better legal right

  • They do not come with the liabilities that can come with a lordship.

  • To the world, our titles have the same characteristics as the original. The right for a couple to add titles to their names. e.g. Lord and Lady of Blackrod or Baron and Baroness of Kirklevington.

  • These new rights, like the originals, are inheritable and can be passed to your heirs.

  • Three registered UK solicitors confirm we have created and conveyed the rights to use the titles.

  • You can apply to have your title added to your passport and other documentation e.g. bank cards.

  • We publish a notice in The Gazette (if you so wish) announcing your forthcoming use of the title*.

(*The Gazette publishes notices for the legal profession as an official public record. It also announces the Queen's Honors.)