Bespoke Search

We are able to undertake a title search if you have specific requirements.

Typical searches we have undertaken in the past include:

  • A special place

  • Titles available in a specific county

  • The closest lordship to a specific place

  • A lordship for a manor house you own

  • A family name within the name of a lordship title

  • Lordships that were owned by your ancestor(s)

  • Lordship titles that were owned by someone who has the same surname as yourself

  • Titles with fascinating histories

  • Lordships or baronies that were listed in the Domesday Book.

This is a FREE service, however we reserve the right to refuse unreasonable requests. We also trust that all searches are requested by individuals who understand our service and wish to purchase a title through ourselves.

If substantial research is required, we may require a deposit, to be redeemed against your purchase.

Please email your request to: