The Unknown Soldier Anniversary

Unknown Soldier

For the most part we all get on with our lives and it is not until a milestone anniversary arrives that we think about something from our past. We have been remembering the centenary of England joining the First World War, and to mark this anniversary a web site has been set up highlighting the…

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What is history, our view?

What is History

History is the overall picture of what has happened in the past based on what people have recorded at different points in the past. We spend enormous amounts of time reading different reference documents and books that exist in order to determine that a particular lordship has become dormant and does not have a known…

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History, Truth or Fiction?


In school we are taught to believe the version of history we are given. There is never a hint that there might be a chance it is incorrect.  Is this right? Manorial Counsel Limited have to admit to being surprised when we started researching manorial history to find the quantity of variances.  After thinking for a…

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