Jack Cade’s Rebellion

Jack Cade's Rebellion

The Kentishmen revolt against Henry VI  By the year 1450, people had started to get pretty fed up. The seemingly endless Hundred Years War with France had drained the royal coffers and Henry VI was pursuing a none-too-popular taxation policy. But in addition to this, his own officials’ greed was also taking its toll, whilst…

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On this day 21st September

1435 – An agreement between Charles VII of France and Phillip the Good ends the partnership between the English and Burgundy in Hundred Years War. During our research we often see instances of the lords being involved in well known battles, wars and crusades, The Hundred Years War being one of them.

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On this day 26th August

1346  – Hundred Years War, the military supremacy of the English longbow over the French combination of crossbow and armored knights is established at the Battle of Crecy.

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