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Lordship of Penland – A title that paid its way

Lordship Title of Penland

We’re not going to beat about the bush here… There are quite a few ‘Johns’ linked to the lineage of the Lordship of Penland, so we apologise in advance if things get a bit confusing. But we do feel that’s a fitting introduction to a title whose history began around the time of the signing…

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Mitford Castle – A site of much turbulence and turmoil

Mitford Castle

As tends to be the way with English castles, Mitford has enjoyed changing fortunes in changing times. Located in the far north of England, it saw its fair share of both English wrangles and Scottish agitation. But although Mitford Castle may have only been ‘active’ for about two hundred and fifty years, it certainly made…

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William Marshal, the greatest knight who ever lived?

William Marshal

William Marshal, the greatest knight who ever lived? Born 1147, the 4th son of a man of no note, William Marshall rose to be one of the most powerful Barons in England, regent to a child king, and significant influence regarding Magna Carta. He was a man of loyalty, knightly chivalry, and clever diplomacy. That…

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Magna Carta … Did you know

Did you know… Magna Carta was written in the caves under Reigate Manor, Surrey.  The 1st Baron Of Wycombe was witness to Magna Carta, one of the sureties to the event. Read all about The Barony of Wycombe: Kings, castles, constitutional history and its legacy  here  Find out more about the Barony Title of Wycombe and how…

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On this day 1199 – Richard I is…

Richard I

On this day 1199 – Richard I is wounded by a crossbow bolt while fighting France, leading to his death on April 6. It is documented that Richard I spent roughly around six months in England as he was off on his crusades for the most part. He was succeeded by his younger brother King…

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Magna Carta then and now – 800th year anniversary

Magna Carta

Whilst relating to history, and more specifically historical events, there are always particular ones that spring mind.  This can be influenced by current and topical events or historical anniversaries. A prime example of this is the approaching 800th year anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. Which will be celebrated on the 15th June 2015. …

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