The Land Registry… Did you know

Land Registry

Did you know… that titles were able to be recorded with the Land Registry up until 2003.  However even when they were recorded the Land Registry did not confirm ownership, merely the interest hold. Registration of a title with the Land Registry; Before 13th October 2003, being the commencement of the Land Registration Act 2002, it…

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Quick trivia

Quick trivia Manorial titles were registered with the Land Registry until 2003. Even when they were recorded the register did not confirm ownership, merely the interest held. Presently there is no independent register to record titles.

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Accuracy of History

Whilst researching lordships Manorial Counsel have to use many sources of information as each source will have gaps where the particular historian has been unable to find the information they require.  When using these different sources we come across different family trees and different chains of ownership for what we believe is the same lordship. …

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