Lordship Titles… Did you know

Exclusive Lordship Titles

Did you know when a Lordship was granted it did not have an “Expiry Date”.  The New Legal Rights Manorial Counsel offer utilise the old rights and also have no expiry date, so the Lordship Titles will still be owned in a thousand years.  

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On this day 9th September

1791 – Washington D.C the capital of the United States, is named after President George Washington.  Things could have been very different however, Manorial Counsel Limiteds extensive research states the following;  The Lordship of Hertburn – The single most historically important title to affect the United States. Hertburn was exchanged by Sir William de Hertburn with the Bishop of…

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Lordship Titles; Myth busting time…

Myth busting time

The internet is littered with sales pitches, promises and added extras regarding what is available or comes with Lordship Titles.  It can be a smorgasbord of information.  So let Manorial Counsel remind you of the most important facts. An English Lordship Title: 1. Ownership CANNOT be proven by a signed statutory declaration by the last known…

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So what is a Lordship today?

Lordship title

Bearing in mind lords have not been responsible for tax collection for many years.  All that is left is an honour role with no responsibility to collect tax, an empty shell.  Confusion comes where people believe that the lordship represents a set of rights over the land within the bounds of the old manor.  In…

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What was a Lordship?


This is more difficult to answer than you would expect.  Many experts will provide a definition as one of the well-known beliefs.  What we will do here is give you an explanation of how a manorial lordship was first used and how it has evolved over the ages. We first must make it clear that…

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What is history, our view?

What is History

History is the overall picture of what has happened in the past based on what people have recorded at different points in the past. We spend enormous amounts of time reading different reference documents and books that exist in order to determine that a particular lordship has become dormant and does not have a known…

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