So what is a Lordship today?

Lordship title

Bearing in mind lords have not been responsible for tax collection for many years.  All that is left is an honour role with no responsibility to collect tax, an empty shell.  Confusion comes where people believe that the lordship represents a set of rights over the land within the bounds of the old manor.  In…

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What was Pontage?


Pontage is derived from English custom law in the same way that lordship titles are.  It is the toll that is levied for the building or repair of a bridge or bridges. The reason the lord was held in such high esteem was because they took on the responsibility of looking after their tenants.  Whilst…

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Manor Houses and Manorial Land

Contrary to popular belief manorial rights are not automatically part of a manor house. A manor house may be the centre of an old manor.  However it is the manorial land that denotes its physical location.  During the life of a Manor, which for the majority would be over 1000 years, there would have been…

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