Manor Houses and Manorial Land

Manor Houses

Contrary to popular belief manorial rights are not part of a manor house. A manor house may be the centre of an old manor.  However it is the manorial land that denotes its physical location.  During the life of a Manor, which for the majority would be over 1000 years, there would have been many…

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Castles…Did you know


Did you know a Castle only qualifies as a castle if it was castellated (with the addition or inclusion of turrets / battlements). You could not just add these as you wished to your home, you had to get express permission from the Crown.

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Historic records …Did you know

Historic records

Did you know…Historic records concerning Lordships cannot be relied on as proof of ownership: History recording is not regulated Historic records contradict themselves as two historians never write exactly the same thing, historians only record what they know and different historians will have different information available to them Historians could not tell if acquisition of a Lordship…

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Ladies…Did you know

Lady of the manor

Did you know… Ladies can also own a Lordship or Barony Title – Ladyship / Baroness. Historically known as Lady of the Manor, the new Legal Rights provided by Manorial Counsel are positioned as Lady of ……… / Baroness of ……….    

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The Land Registry… Did you know

Land Registry

Did you know… that titles were able to be recorded with the Land Registry up until 2003.  However even when they were recorded the Land Registry did not confirm ownership, merely the interest hold. Registration of a title with the Land Registry; Before 13th October 2003, being the commencement of the Land Registration Act 2002, it…

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Under aged Lords…Did you know


Did you know… Under aged Lords were supposed to inherit their lands when they reached the age of majority which was 18.  In practice the age of majority was fluid. If an heir was under age (under 21 for a male heir, under 14 for an heiress) they would become subject to feudal wardship, where…

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