Mitford Castle – A site of much turbulence and turmoil

Mitford Castle

As tends to be the way with English castles, Mitford has enjoyed changing fortunes in changing times. Located in the far north of England, it saw its fair share of both English wrangles and Scottish agitation. But although Mitford Castle may have only been ‘active’ for about two hundred and fifty years, it certainly made…

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The vast majority of Lordships… Did you know

Norman Conquest

Did you know… The vast majority of Lordships pre-date the Norman Conquest of 1066, many recorded as far back as the 9th Century. We do have a selection of Exclusive Lordship Titles with an extended history available, many pre-dating the Norman Conquest. Take a look

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Lady Godiva – A godly & goodly real-life legend

Lady Godiva

A long haired beauty riding naked through the streets of Coventry to help the poor, it’s a cracking story, isn’t it? But then it would have to be to survive for nine hundred years. How much truth there is in the detail we cite today is questioned, of course, because it’s not backed by any…

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A Feudal Society – Quick trivia


Quick trivia Under French Norman rule a feudal society was imposed on England. In return for land the King could expect quotas of knights from his tenants-in-chief, together with monetary aid,‘reliefs’ (inheritance money) and wardship of minors. No land was without a lord and all belonged to the king. Although Englishmen of rank remained in their posts they…

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On this day 14th October- Not a good day in history for some Monarchs…

Not a good day in history for some Monarchs… 1066– Norman Conquest, Battle of Hastings – In England on Senlac Hill, seven miles from Hastings, the Norman forces of William the Conqueror defeat the English army and kill King Harold II of England.  A pinnacle moment for William the Conqueror, and an event that changed the course of our history.  William introduced a management structure called ‘feudalism’ Many…

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On this day 27th September

1066– Duke William II of Normandy later William the Conqueror and his army set sail from the mouth of the River Somme, beginning the Norman Conquest of England. The lands, manors and titles of the resisting English elite were confiscated, and awarded to Williams closest supporters and followers, as expected they received lands and titles in return for their service in the invasion.  Although…

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Manorial Land and Manorial Rights

Manorial Land

Manorial Land only differs from other classifications of land by its legal classification. Other land prior to registration could have been copyhold or freehold land. Within the category of manorial land would have been the demesne (land farmed by the lord), tenanted land, freehold land and manorial waste.  The manorial demesne and waste land would be…

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