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Guest blog; The Manor of Stratford

The Manor of Stratford

John Bartlett, Lord of Stratford has been continuing his research since acquiring the Lordship Title of Stratford from Manorial Counsel.  Here we feature his guest post: The Manor of Stratford Stratford was a medieval manor of about 256 acres bounded by the River Tame in the west, the Two Gates crossroads in the east and Watling Street…

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Boudicca – Britannia’s rugged rose; Rome’s thorn


Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, as the saying goes. And oh my word… if there’s a woman in history who proves that to be so, it’s Boudicca. Before succumbing to the might of the Roman Empire, she annihilated legions of their army, torched Londinium, and brutally slaughtered 70,000 Roman civilians by cutting…

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