The Victoria Manorial Survey

Manorial Counsel have developed and continue to expand a database of Lordship Titles that have existed. The Victoria Manorial Survey (VMS) contains thousands of Titles already covering most of the counties in England.

The VMS contains Lordship Titles that exist NOT titles available for sale. Contained within the VMS are many titles which may be available to purchase.

Have any title checked that is listed in the VMS free of charge, (1 free title check per customer, subsequent checking will require a checking fee of £250, you may redeem the checking fee against any title you may wish to purchase, by paying the checking fee you agree to those terms. Barony Titles excluded.

To have a Lordship Title checked please contact us.

Please contact us regarding Barony Titles listed in the VMS.

Checking fees may be redeemed against any title you may wish to purchase within 3 months of the fee/s being paid.

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