Title Perceptions; Lord and Lady of Champneys?


There are many reasons for selecting a certain title.  However, Manorial Counsel thought it might be worth introducing a new concept.

Most people will consider how easy a prospective title is spoken and written so that it is easily remembered by others.  Manorial Counsel would like to suggest an option from the other perspective.  We are continually researching new possibilities to offer potential customers.  Whilst reviewing the county of Hertfordshire we came across a lordship providing the title of Lord and Lady of Champneys and Forsters, the implication possibly being made that the owners of the title actually owned two titles.  To take this a stage further there was also a single lordship providing the titles of Lord and Lady of Hasborne, Marcolles and Slackdeacons.  Whilst only one purchase is necessary, three place names form the name of the title, giving the impression that the holder may own three titles?

Perhaps this is food for thought?