Titles Added For Sale

Our titles for sale are listed in ascending price order so it is difficult to find if a new title has been added since you last viewed the list. This is a catalogue of recently added titles.
We have an extensive stock that we have built up over the last two decades and only a small sample is published for sale. If you have specific requirements, please contact us.

Added 3rd September - Lordship Title of Levehurst or Lefhurst (Surrey with History) - £3,995

Added 10th September - Lordship Title of Brexworthy (Devon with Domesday Book translation) - £1.995

Added 24th September - Lordship Title of Hampson (Devon) - £1,750

Added 1st October - Earl and Countess of Hereford - £25,000

Added 8th October - Lordship Title of Harbourneford (Devon with Domesday Book translation) - £1,995

Added 15th October - Lordship Title of Pryors (Essex with History) - £2,500