Lordship Title of Barrow Lane

County: Somerset

Parish: Musgrove

History from: 1298 - the reign of Edward I

History to: 1786 - the reign of George III

Of interest…

At 1298 Stavordale Prior is recorded as owning Barrow Lane lordship and manor, but at this time it was called Barrow. During the reign of Henry VIII Barrow Lane passes to William Stourton, 7th Baron Stourton, who plays a key role in the Pilgrimage of Grace (The Yorkshire uprising). He bore the towel at the christening of Prince Edward (to become Edward VI). Later William accompanies Earl of Hertford to France where he is appointed Deputy of Newhaven. In 1548 his estate was granted to his son, Charles 8th Baron Stourton, who is asked by Mary Tudor to help with the succession. Charles is later tried, and found guilty of murder, and executed. Barrow Lane is last referred to in 1786. Full history available under 'Further Information'.
Price: £3,300 to become the 16th Lord and Lady of Barrow Lane