Lordship Title of Billing

Lordship Title of Billing

County: Northamptonshire

Parish: Great Billing

History from: 1066 - Norman Conquest

History to: 1553 - the reign of Edward VI

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William the Conqueror combines the two Billing lordships and grants them to his half-brother, Robert Count of Mortain, as a reward for his support in the invasion fleet for which he supplied 120 ships and fought in the Battle of Hastings. The transition of Robert’s lands and titles to his son and heir, William, were not seamless. By 1100, William has still not received the land and titles of his father, and as a result his relationship with King Henry is strained. Henry offers him the hand in marriage of Mary of Scotland (daughter of King Malcolm III), which he refuses. Frustrated and angry, he leaves England for Normandy. There he joins forces with the Duke of Normandy, and together they attack several of King Henry’s holdings in Europe. They are captured at the Battle of Tinchebrai. William is imprisoned in the Tower of London, and all his lands and titles are stripped from him. Billing is granted to the D’Avranches family. View full history under 'Further Information'.
Price: £3,850 to become the 9th Lord and Lady of Billing