Lordship Title of Brettgrave

Lordship Title of Brettgrave

County: Surrey

Parish: Epsom

History from: 1197 - The reign of Richard I

History to: 1652 - The Commonwealth of England

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Sampson de Horton is Lord of Brettgrave in 1197. Changing hands through both the first and the second Barons’ Wars, by the early-14th Century Brettgrave was held by a John Imworth. By 1346 The Abbot of the time decided to take possession of Brettgrave by process of escheatment – where the legal transfer of a subordinate lord’s assets occurs because the lord has died with no heir . The Abbot then obtained a licence from the Crown to grant Brettgrave to Guy do Bryan, the younger, such that it was held of the king in chief. A short time later Brettgrave moved into the trust of Henry, Earl of Lancaster. Henry was created Duke of Lancaster thus Brettgrave began to move further up in the world. The Duke dies leaving no son so Brettgrave passes to his eldest daughter Maud (wife of the Duke of Bavaria). 38 years on Brettgrave is held by Henry who in addition to being Duke of Lancaster is also made Duke of Hereford. Henry usurps Richard II and becomes Henry IV and Brettgrave becomes part of the Duchy of Lancaster. Brettgrave passed quietly through several generations, until in 1626 when its final 28 years were full of financial and legal scandal. View full history under 'Further Information'.
Price: £4,150 to become the 21st Lord and Lady of Brettgrave