Lordship Title of Entwistle

County: Lancashire

Parish: Bolton

History from: 1067 - The reign of William I

History to: 1670 - The reign of Charles II

Of interest…

Entwistle stayed in the Entwistle family for nearly three hundred and fifty years. By the mid 15th Century Entwistle passed to Sir Bertine Entwistle, Viscount and Baron of Bricqbec, Normandy. Sir Bertine was Bailiff of Constantin. He’d been knighted by Henry V at Agincourt in 1415. In 1455 Fighting for Henry VI at the Battle of St Albans, the battle that marked the start of the War of the Roses, Sir Bertine was wounded and died six days later. 100 years later Entwistle is the hands of Thurstan Tyldesley, MP for Lancashire and Receiver-General of the Isle of Man, when Thurstan died, his youngest son Edward Tyldesley took on Entwistle. At the outbreak of the English Civil War Thomas Tyldesley is holding Entwistle his name went down in history as being responsible for the first bloodshed of the Civil War. He is lieutenant colonel in the Battle of Edgehill the same year. The following year he earned a knighthood for his part in the Battle of Burton Bridge. View full history under 'Further Information'.
Price: £4,150 to become the 21st Lord and Lady of Entwistle