Lordship Title of Halford

County: Warwickshire

Parish: Halford

History from: 1166 - the reign of Henry II

History to: 1824 - the reign of George IV

Of interest…

The first recorded reference of a Lordship for Halford is to a William Giffard 1166 who held two knight’s fees worth of land in the manor, these were granted to him by the Earl of Warwick. Halford was left to Andrew Giffard, the Baron of Funtell. Halford passed to Sir Robert de Burdet and later to Sir Robert de Holand. Sir Robert assists with the hunt for the fugitives from the Banastre Rebellion, he is asked by Edward II to bring horses and men to fight the Lancastrian rebellion. 12 days later he betrays the King and fights with the Lancastrians at the Battle of Boroughbridge. Sir Robert is imprisoned and his lands confiscated, he is then released and raids the Earl of Winchester’s estates only to be re-imprisoned in Warwick Castle. Sir Robert is moved to Northampton Castle, from which he escapes. View full history under 'Further Information'.
Price: £3,850 to become the 8th Lord and Lady of Halford