Lordship Title of Hexted

Lordship Title of Hexted

County: Surrey

Parish: Lingfield

History from: 1101 - The reign of Henry I

History to: 1649 - The reign of Charles I

Of interest…

Hexted was held by the Heghsted family for over 200 years up until 1403 when it then came into the possession of Baron Cobham whose family home was Sterborough Castle, Lingfield. When Baron Cobham died (his son having predeceased him), the title passed to his grand-daughter, Margaret. Margaret was married to the 2nd Earl of Westmorland, Ralph, and in 1448 records show that they both conveyed Hexted to the College of St Peter in Lingfield. With the Dissolution of the monasteries the Crown took ownership of Hexted, and granted it to Sir Thomas Cawarden MP for Bletchingley and Master of Revels and Tents (responsible for organising royal festivities and tents for troops). Sir Thomas is made High Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex. Just 8 years later Sir Thomas is implicated in the Dudley plot to replace Queen Mary with Elizabeth and rob the exchequer. View full history under 'Further Information'.
Price: £4,100 to become the 18th Lord and Lady of Hexted