Lordship Title of Highfield

County: Lancashire

Parish: Lancaster

History from: 1212 - The reign of King John

History to: 1728 - The reign of George II

Of interest…

In 1212, Roger, son of John, is holding the Lordship of Highfield. After the First Barons' War, Highfield is held by Walter, son of Walter the Smith, and William, son of William the Smith, and passes through the families by inheritance and marriage for many years. By the mid 15th century, Highfield is held by the Southworths. Prior to 1552, Highfield has come to George Southworth and he sells various pieces of land from the manor. The last recorded date for Highfield is 1728, where it has been reduced through various sales of land to a very small estate and the lordship is not recorded again. View full history under 'Further Information'.
Price: £3,300 to become the 19th Lord and Lady of Highfield