Lordship Title of Legra or Layer

County: Essex

Parish: Birch

History from: 1066 - Norman Conquest

History to: 1789 - The reign of George III

Of interest…

At 1066 Legra is held by Leofing the Saxon Lord. William the Conqueror replaces the Saxon Lord with Hugh de Montfort, Hugh had fought with William at the Battle of Mortemer in 1054, participated in the Council of Lillebonne in which the decision was made to invade England, and accompanied William in the invasion force supplying 50 ships and 60 knights. He was an absentee lord being stationed at William's fortress at Winchester, Hugh had to supply forces to Dover Castle. At the end of the 13th century Legra passed to Richard Birch, and remained in the Birch family for 200 years. Thomas Tey is holding Legra in 1502 he is elected as a Member of Parliament and serves as Justice of the Peace in Essex. After The Act of Supremacy Henry VIII created a new taxation for the church and it is Thomas who becomes Commissioner of Tenths of Spirtualties for Colchester. The last known Lord was Montagu Burgoyne in 1789, Legra is not recorded again. View full history under 'Further Information'
Price: £3,850 to become the 20th Lord and Lady of Legra or Layer