Lordship Title of Millbrook

County: Bedfordshire

Parish: Millbrook

History from: 1287

History to: 1584

Of interest…

Here is a title for the motoring enthusiasts among you. Although this is a minor lordship in Millbrook parish the user can still use the title of Lord of Millbrook as well as Millbrook Templar. The name derives from the fact that this lordship was owned by the Knights Templar (the famous warrior clergy). At the beginning of the 14th century they were hunted down and executed, their wealth confiscated as Pope Clement and many monarchs throughout Europe feared their wealth and influence. The Millbrook lordship like many Templar holdings passed to the Knights Hospitallers. They had a similar mandate to the Templars; to care for and defend the city of Jerusalem. As they were based in Catholicism Millbrook was taken into Crown control after the suppression of the monasteries. Millbrook is then granted to Sir Richard Longe, Governor of Guernsey. His son Henry the 5th Lord of Millbrook was a Godchild of Henry VIII. Henry becomes High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire, then a Knight of the County and Member of Parliament for Cambridgeshire.