Lordship Title of Passelewes or Paslows

County: Buckinghamshire

Parish: Wavendon

History from: 1166 - the reign of Henry II

History to: 1801 - the reign of George III

Of interest…

First noted in 1166, William Passelewe is Lord of Passelewes Walter Giffard recorded as Overlord. From William, the lordship passed through a series of Passelewes, waving at Magna Carta and continuing through both the first and second Barons’ Wars intact, per se. However, by 1314 it had been split. By 1359 it had been passed to none less than the Chief Justice, Sir Henry Green, who later found himself dismissed for heinous breaches of trust. View full history under 'Further Information'.
Price: £3,850 to become the 24th Lord and Lady of Passelewes or Paslows