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Lordship Title of Penland

Lordship Title of Penland

County: Buckinghamshire

Parish: Beaconsfield

History from: 1223 - The reign of Henry III

History to: 1612 - The reign of James I

Of interest…

Deep research has resulted in the understanding that the Lordship of Penland most likely derived its name from the Penne family. In 1308 John de la Penne brings an action to recover woods and rents for Penland, as sole owner of Penland. Sir John, is recorded in 1443 as being owner of Penland, he was appointed High Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, made Knight of the Shire, and then called to Parliament as a member. Almost 100 years later the Lord of Penland was a Member of Parliament and Master of the King’s Jewels. He soon fell out of favour and found himself in Fleet prison, having racked up debts of £28,000 through the accounts of his monastic properties – a huge sum for its time. He was pardoned by Queen Mary and appointed Sheriff of Oxfordshire and Berkshire to be her henchman. View full history under 'Further Information'.
Price: £3,850 to become the 15th Lord and Lady of Penland