The Unknown Soldier Anniversary

Unknown Soldier

We have been remembering the centenary of England joining the First World War

For the most part we all get on with our lives and it is not until a milestone anniversary arrives that we think about something from our past.

We have been remembering the centenary of England joining the First World War, and to mark this anniversary a web site has been set up highlighting the Unknown Soldier.  In the statue he is reading a letter from home, but is unknown what the contents of this letter could be.   The public have been invited to write their version of what the letter might have said.

So what has this got to do with lordship titles?  Everything, the common theme among the participants of the news article was that of “making history alive”.  It is the belief that is no longer enough just to see the statue but in some way buy-into the emotion of the time.  Most people are aware that you can call yourself whatever you like, in the same way that you can change your name.

At Manorial Counsel Limited we provide a service so that you don’t just have to have any old title but you can remember a piece of history, bring it back to life.  Many customers buy a title of a place that has a fond memory for them.  Others will ask us to trace their family name back through manorial history so that they can feel at one with their ancestors.  If you want any title, just start using one, but if you want a title that means something then Manorial Counsel Limited can help.  We will do everything, from finding a short list of lordships to meet your requirements to providing legal public notices and solicitor’s letters to ease the change.

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