I started this business becasue I was taken in by one of the many fraudsters on the internet selling lordships or lordship titles. After a considerable investment into the law with a senior London barrister, I created this service to offer a legal alternative. I hope that by this service being in existence, we will stop hundreds of people from being a victim to the fraudsters.

Listed below are some of the things you can check yourself.

Look for an address

If you cannot find one do not pay any money. If you find an address “Google” it and find out who it belongs to. Many fraudsters use “Postal” offices. They are only mail boxes and you may never find the company if you have an issue.

Insurance Backed Titles

It is impossible to insure against the owner of the policy committing fraud.  This is offered to convince the unsuspecting purchaser that they cannot lose their money.  Ask for a copy of the policy, previous requests have been ignored.  Or phone any insurance company and ask if an insurance policy can protect against the policy holder committing fraud.

Societies, Guilds etc.

Most societies online offer very little to a potential member. Many have been set up to convince you to buy lordships without the correct paperwork.  Or are used as a method of getting copies of your paperwork, so they can use it to commit fraud. Also beware societies that claims to have existed for a long time. One of these societies claims to have been created in 1906 however they are a limited company incorporated in 1996. Do not take what they claim on face value.

Lawyer's Letter

English manorial titles are sold under English law.  If a web site is offering a lawyer’s letter ask for their registration number before parting with any money.  With this number you can search the Solicitors Regulation Authority web site.  If they are not there, the lawyers letter is not worth the paper it is written on.  One web site uses someone who purports to have a law degree.  This may be true but it certainly does not mean they are telling the truth.

Verify the Lordship Existed

Ask for reference material to check that a title actually has existed.  Some web sites just makes up lordships/titles but claim they have existed for centuries.


You cannot copyright a lordship title.  They have existed for hundreds of years and the Intellectual Property Office have adjudicated that they cannot be registered, so have no legal basis. A copyright has to be for an original piece of work and clearly a lordship title is not.