World War 1 Centenary

World War 1 Centenary

It has been a very emotional couple of weeks with the Centenary of World War 1.  Many of you may have taken part in the “Lights-Out ” event on the 4th August.  It was inspired by the words of wartime foreign secretary Sir Edward Grey, who said on the eve of war: “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our life-time.”

Often it is not until such a landmark anniversary that we truly realise the overwhelming impact such an event had, and still has.  Here at Manorial Counsel none of us realised how much the anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1 would affect us.  It has really brought home to us how much our past affects our future, and the importance of keeping history alive through remembrance and education.

Nearly all of us have had or know someone who has a relative involved in World War 1 in some way, whether it is a solider fighting in the trenches, a person working in a factory making artillery or supporting the soldiers and families in some way back at home.  It was a real coming together in the face of fear and adversity.

Many died in pursuit of freedom for us and we should be eternally thankful and continue to show our respect through commemoration.  Our hope is that we learn from our past and use those lessons to inform our future.

Lest we Forget